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Shropshire Providers Consortium Rules of Engagement

Selling Together (responding to funding opportunities on a partnership basis)
Buying Together (sharing services, staff, and premises and purchasing to create efficiency savings and economies of scale)
Working Together (networking, sharing good practice and intelligence, making
referrals and intelligently aligning services)
Influencing Together (influencing strategy and policy using combined evidence, joined up thinking and a coherent voice)

SPC will source funding opportunities

  • SPC will grow a portals list to access more funding opportunities
  • SPC will keep all members informed
  • SPC will view all EOI’s & take forward the strongest bid to tender
  • SPC will inform all members who expressed an interest of this decision
  • SPC will hold confidential information on our members and only use in tender opportunities.
  • SPC is a vehicle for pulling together partners for tenders and may look outside membership if it feels tender is not strong enough.
  • SPC will assess risks and put in a contingency plan for all eventualities
Once Contract is Won:
  • SPC will draw up sub contracts to be signed
  • SPC will contract manage the tender
  • SPC will manage partnership and sub contracts
  • SPC will facilitate & manage the contract
  • SPC will ensure delivery of contract & performance managed to satisfaction of funder
  • SPC will monitor & evaluate
  • SPC will standardise way of collating data
  • SPC will ensure contract compliance
Rules of Expectations from SPC Members
  • Members will read tender document & ensure meet criteria of tender before expressing an interest.
  • Members will inform of any conflicts of interest, i.e. if applying on their own or in another partnership.
  • Members will have all necessary policies and insurance in place
  • Members will complete EOI within deadline,
  • Members will upload documents on file share in anticipation of future tenders.
  • Members will access their own organisations ability to deliver contract and have a risk plan in place.
  • Members will provide all further information, i.e. answers to tender questions before SPC Deadline.
  • Members will sign a Mutual Confidentiality Agreement