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How do organisations join SPC?

Organisations wishing to become a member of SPC need to complete the application form available on this website or email us requesting an application form. The Consortium steering group panel have a membership verification process, whereby all applicants are reviewed against the eligibility criteria. This formal application process is needed to ensure that organisations are actively committed to the consortium vision and values, meeting certain standards and thresholds.

The consortium is a business venture and having eligibility criteria is a necessary part of the due diligence process. If your organisation considering membership is unlikely to be able to deliver a contract or have the ability to monitor and report as needed in contract delivery, it might be that becoming a member at this time is not right for you.

There are 3 categories of membership

Full Membership

Full membership will be available to organisations that are considered ‘contract ready’ against a set eligibility criteria. Full members have the right to vote and elect board members at AGM’s. Please ask for prospectus details for further information.

Associate Membership

Associate membership may be offered to organisations that do not meet all the stated eligibility criteria set out in the membership prospectus or not contract ready, but could be deemed to have the potential to add value to the consortium through association.It is anticipated that associate members will eventually convert to SPC full membership status. Currently, associate members cannot vote at AGM’s.

Affiliate Members

SPC takes partnership working very seriously and indeed it is integral to all that we do. We explore all partnership routes that may be of benefit to the growth, membership and sustainability of SPC. This may include working with private sector deliverers as Consortium affiliates. This may also include organisations outside Shropshire where partnership on larger regional contracts would benefit Shropshire Voluntary and Community Sector(VCS) members.

Forum Members

Please contact us for further details on this.

If you would like to become a member of the Shropshire Providers Consortium then please click here to download the full application form or follow the link for the Fast Track Application form Fast Track Registration for SPC Membership. It is free to join.