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SPC have offered their members, specialist training opportunities over the past two years which have been funded from an Awards 4 All grant. On this page you will find links to websites that offer advice and support and back-up to some of the training we have offered as well as presentation slides from training sessions. This page will be updated as new information comes forward.


Charitable Account Training 14/10/14

140923 WR Guide to the New Charity SORPs final version outline WEB

141014 SPC Accounts Presentation

Whittingham Riddell have a new website with a dedicated charity page which are updated regularly with relevant documents so feel free to use this link for further support.

TUPE/Pensions Training 30/07/14

TUPE Training powerpoint

Monitoring & Evaluation 4/02/15

M+ E 4 Feb

Other websites that may help you with your M&E/outcomes frameworks

Negotiation Skills Training Workshop 10/03/15
Negotiation training course pitching

Marketing Magic Training Workshop 30/03/15


Marketing Magic Fact Sheet

Time Management Workshop 13/4/15

Lindsay Barton delivered a workshop on managing time and why it is critical.