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We are a collective of community and voluntary sector organisations working and bidding together for the benefit of the people of Shropshire.

The aptly-named Shropshire Provider’s Consortium (SPC) is a collective of community and voluntary sector organisations working and bidding together for the benefit of the people of Shropshire. The consortium pools the experience, skills and knowledge of its members to deliver seamless services for clients and customers, creating a more defined public profile for Shropshire’s VCS sector and enabling organisations to work as one. The consortium is a purpose-built vehicle run by and for its membership, enabling greater negotiation capacity and helping organisations to meet beneficiary or contract needs by continual improvement in quality. It encourages the development of good practice, provide a place to share expertise and facilitate peer to peer support networks. More importantly, commissioners will have one-channel access to a quality-approved, contract-ready entity working collectively for the people of Shropshire. The interim Board was set up in 2011 to help the company become incorporated and to help with the development of the Consortium. The new company was officially incorporated in August 2011.  As the membership grows a full election will take place with new Board members from the voluntary and community sector taking lead roles in the organisation and the current Board members will step down.











Hear what people are saying about us. Let our members do the talking!

Joining SPC has been one of the most productive and progressive developments for Energize since we became a social enterprise and local charity in 2012. Membership has allowed us to develop our skills in important new areas like demonstrating social value and also networking with other local voluntary and community sector partners to progress our service. We have diversified our funding but more importantly, membership of SPC has helped us to diversify our offer to encourage and enable more adults with a disability to experience the benefits of an active lifestyle. – Chris Child-Chief Executive


“Through the Doorway to Healthy Living is a ‘virtual’ healthy living centre primarily working in Shrewsbury. We use the term ‘virtual’ because we do not have premises of our own, preferring to use a variety of community venues across the area to provide activities within communities – in other words we want to spend as much of our funding as possible on people rather than places.

Our aim is to reduce health inequalities (by which we mean reducing the gap between the health of different groups of people such as the well-off compared to poorer communities or people with different ethnic backgrounds), by giving people the skills, opportunities and confidence to adopt healthier lifestyles.

We do this by providing free or low cost practical activities that can help people to live healthier and more fulfilled lives.

We could not do this without the support of our funders, so many thanks to all and special thanks also goes to Shropshire Providers Consortium, for amongst other things, highlighting funding opportunities we would not have been aware of otherwise”- Anne Seymour-Project Manager



FREE TO JOIN. If you would like to become a member of the Shropshire Providers Consortium then please click here to download the full application form or for our fast track form please follow this link. Fast Track Registration for SPC Membership