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Community Hubs

Community Hubs

Shropshire Community Assets & Services Inspiration Event

SPC has won a contract from Shropshire Council to support Shropshire organisations in taking on the management and potential ownership of community based assets. We recognise that there are many communities, people and organisations who are as well, or better placed to deliver the solutions and services which will help to deliver Shropshire Council’s vision and relationship with its customers and communities to engage, listen and understand needs and demand whilst securing the best possible solution from those organisations who will be delivering services in future.

SPC has worked with Locality to develop and explore how services can be better shaped for the community and held a Shropshire Community Assets & Services feedback event on 26th January 2016.

With over 80 attendees from Shropshire’s voluntary and community organisations, town and parish councils as well as public sector organisations, the event provided an opportunity to discuss and explore ideas about the transfer of assets and services into community management.

The aim was to inspire, motivate and support Shropshire organisations interested in taking on the management and ownership of community based assets and services, working in partnership to develop and deliver services responding to local community needs and demands.

During the event, the attendees were asked:

What is a Community Hub and what can it be used for?

Feedback included.

    • multi-functional
    • combat isolation and loneliness
    • safe and welcoming to all, a neutral space
    • community ownership
    • information
    • help and assistance
    • involvement from different groups
    • diverse range of services
    • community involvement
    • part of the community
    • providing a voice for local people
    • The centre of a community and somewhere offering a variety of functions reflecting the needs of the community

If you would like to see the full feedback please follow the link. Inspiration Event Workshop Feedback

For further information about Locality please follow the link below.




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